TAČ, food and tradition

Restaurant TAČ is located on Vrhovec no. 140, which is practically the very tip of Vrhovec hill facing Sljeme, therefore positioning TAČ as a beneath Sljeme restaurant. To get from the city center to TAČ it is best to start from Ilica, turn onto Mandaličina street and continue to Vrhovec street. If you want to avoid the city crowd, you can shorten the route through Šestine.

The restaurant is run by the family Miletić, Tihomir - Tač, Vesna and their sons, all share special passion for catering. Mrs. Vesna is in charge for the interior and the menu selection, as well as the reception of guests. The complete supply of food and drinks is done by Mr. Tač. It is important to note that the restaurant operates with several top suppliers from Istria, Slavonia, Lika and southern Dalmatia, offering seasonal offerings of Istrian asparagus, truffles, wild rucola, boškarin, olive oil, Dalmatian peppers, ham, kulen, game sausages and other specialties.

When trying to define the cuisine of TAČ it would be Istrian and continental Croatian cuisine with the influence of all other culinary cultures that shaped the past and the present of this climate.

The owners pay special attention to the selection of desserts. There are numerous types of cakes and home-made desserts, among which is the “TAČ” cake made up of fried almonds, brittles and chocolates. In its menu TAČ also introduces the tradition of Zagorje strudels made out of fresh cow cheese, and fruit strudels - depending on the season.

The distinguishable thing which makes TAČ stand out from other restaurants is that seasonal goods made in the winter kitchen underneath the restaurant, some of them being cabbage, ajvar, liqueurs made from maraschino and spring gingerbread.

During summer guests can enjoy a large beautiful terrace with light breeze blowing from the Medvednica mountain, making the stay much more enjoyable. The restaurant has its own parking with thirty parking spots.

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Seasonal suggestion

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